Avatars : Gaming Culture



The gaming culture is a great way for an individual to express themselves in a unique way. You are constantly in communication with others using the software and this happens instantly which. Something that is interesting is that most characters tailor their avatars to look similar to them. Some even go into detail as to add facial hair, specific shirts, and accessories. These avatars are essentially a representation of themselves that they carry out and is displayed while they are playing the game. Some characters try to idealize their avatars to how they ultimately want their body too look. This leads to them becoming more connected and sucked into the game because they are fascinated with this false reality of themselves. Researchers have proven that likeliness of someone to enjoy a game depends on the ability they have to create an ideal version of themselves. There comes a problem when a character in the video game acts violent and then tries to replay that same action in real life. The main problem with gaming avatars is that some users do forget the line between virtual and reality. With proper restrictions this can be prevented. I have attached a link below that goes into further detail about avatars in the gaming culture:




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